Zuckerberg joins “the group” Israeli “secret” on Facebook.. why?

Joined the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to the group “group” on the social network called “Tel Aviv’s secret”, a group Public Key and secret as its name appears, and 220 thousand members, according to the newspaper “Jerusalem Post” Israeli.

He welcomed some members of the garage poker, who responded: “Hey, I’m glad to be with you in order to get closer to Tel Aviv. Been a long time I last visited this city.”

And features a garage, something exciting, like the rest of the regular groups on Facebook, which discusses the members many things about clothes and restaurants and some of the social things and health products, so why join Zuckerberg is vague.

The Hadeeth mentioning that the Facebook Inc. we have an office in Tel Aviv, staffed by over 100 employees.

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