ZTE nubia Z18 — photo flagship without a selfie camera?


New photographs believed to be one of the upcoming shows for the release of the flagship smartphone — the ZTE nubia Z18. His upper frame is so thin that it was not even a selfie camera. In this case there is no cutout in the display, which is used by some vendors to embed the essential components of modern mobile devices, but many users are not considered aesthetic.

ZTE nubia Z18

In the Network appeared the alleged image of the upcoming flagship ZTE nubia Z18 considered by the Ro (Ro) pages gsmarena.com with reference to cnmo.com. With an impressive ratio of screen to device the upcoming novelty doesn’t display cutout, which many users don’t like.

Frame on the sides is very thin, but this is nothing new for the smartphone industry and is fully compliant with the full-screen trend. Much more impressive is the minimum thickness of the upper and lower limits. In this respect, a noticeable improvement compared to the previous model — nubia Z17s.

ZTE nubia Z18

On the picture we can see that the top frame is not large enough to make it fit selfie camera device. It is enough only for the speaker, designed for voice communication. So the question arises — which will be very important for many users of the smartphone component? The camera will be done “in the style of periscope”? In any case, the answer to this question will be known, probably, only after the debut of the ZTE nubia Z18.

To compare the probable design of the ZTE nubia Z18 with other Android flagships readers can Telegram chat.

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