ZTE may launch a phone with a camera is capable of hiding horizontally

Recent photos of the phone unspoken of ZTE Corporation called Axon S, with the terms of the subject hiding horizontally to hide the cameras, instead of having a notepad in the screen, this solution of the Chinese company provides full screen with the cameras appear when needed.

In the past year, appeared mechanisms glide to the side of the young flukes to increase the area of the screen. However, this is the first time that we see the possibility to hide the cameras in my side.

While the advantages of hide the front cameras of the phone are clear, so lets increase the size of the screen, only to hide the cameras and the background may be helpful so that there is no protrusion which impacts on the lens.

Rumors indicate that the rear cameras, a three will include the lens of the accuracy of the 48 maps to the side of the sensor 19 Maps Lens Third provides an optical zoom of 5x.

There is currently no information about the cost of this phone, or date officially announced and will be available. In fact, there is no guarantee whatsoever that we will see this phone actually.

Source: Notebook Italia

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