ZTE is working on another smartphone with a unique design supports ZTE Axon V


Yesterday we got the leaks interesting, indicating that the company ZTE set to unveil a new smartphone called ZTE Axon S and a unique design is to have the screen draggable to the side to get to the front and rear cameras. And now, we get new leaks reveal that the ZTE company and use it to detect the other phone known as the ZTE Axon V, at least at the moment.

Phone ZTE Axon V know cameras front permanently on the right side after it’s been installed on a prominent piece of the structure of the phone in the top right corner. This eliminates the need to use the mechanism of a pop-up similar to that used in the phone for Oppo F11 Pro or the same mechanism to pull the screen that we saw in phones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The images indicate that the phone is ZTE Axon V will have two cameras in the front and the same number of cameras in the back.

It should be noted that the company ZTE has decided to use these designs unique to make the screen cover as much as possible from the front end and make it completely free of the frame. While I tried some other companies committee to screen drilled for the same purpose, and the commission also to the camera’s pop-up, I decided ZTE Corporation Commission to these unique designs in phones ZTE Axon S and ZTE Axon V.

And yet, I didn’t think ZTE Corporation the existence of this device, it is not clear when we can expect his arrival as it will be.


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