ZTE Corporation require the issuance of smart phones-compatible with 5G networks by 2019

ZTE Axon 7

When it comes to new technologies, they are usually manufacturers for Android devices fast in adopting them. For example, when it was the launch of the fourth generation network 4G LTE for the first time, manufacturers for Android devices fast and in the use of the chip of the season needed to run this kind of networks in its smart phones, while it took Apple a few years after it launched the iPhone 5 in 2012 for me without this technology.

Now expected to be a 5G is the next wave, the question is what are the devices that will be racing to adopt this technology once it becomes more widely available? Well, it seems that the Chinese company ZTE wants to be one of these companies, and announced plans to create a smartphone that supports 5G available in the United States by early 2019.

Of course, this will require 5G, but already confirmed many of the telecommunications companies such as AT&T they will start the launch of the fifth-generation networks in late 2018. It should be noted that AT&T is not the only one seeking to that, it has confirmed that Verizon also the intention to launch the fifth-generation networks in five major cities of the United States of America in the year 2018, presumably to wait for the fifth-generation networks for more American cities, and more countries around the world with the passage of time, as we have seen in the first days of a 4G network.

However, the company ZTE probably won’t be the only company that will release smartphones compatible with the 5G, but even now is one of the few companies that have confirmed their plans publicly.


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