ZTE confirms some of the key features for upcoming games, the Nubia Red Magic 3

Nubia Red Magic 2

Gaining phones smart players more momentum, and most of the smartphone manufacturers bring something that meets the needs of hundreds of millions of players in the world. Sub-brand Nubia of ZTE is no stranger to the smartphone market affected players thanks to a series of its smart phones Nubia Red Magic. And mentioned that it looks like we won’t have to wait long before they reveal to us this brand-for a phone of its flagship next source players. In a publication on the social network of Chinese Weibo, revealed the general manager of the company, Mr. Ni Fei, the six essential features in the phone Nubia Red Magic 3 coming from the company.

First, will the phone system for cooling depends on the liquid and the air to address the thermal stress. It should be noted that it will use this cooling system for the first time on smartphones in the Nubia Red Magic 3, but it remains to be seen how much interest that will bring the cooling system this players. Regardless of the cooling system, you’ll be charging this phone with the processor Snapdragon 855, and with 12GB of RAM.

Supposed to have the phone screen Nubia Red Magic 3 at the rate of update is higher than most laptops designed for gamers, will provide special features to protect the eye. We’ve seen phones designed for gamers like Razer Phone offers screen stretching machine at a rate of refresh up to 120Hz, so it remains to be seen whether the phone screen Nubia Red Magic 3 will be the refresh rate of the similar or not.

Phone Nubia Red Magic 3 will have also a bigger battery from the battery 3800mAh used in phones Nubia Red Magic previous. Finally, it will be in the phone Nubia Red Magic 3 the new revision of the engine vibration four-dimensional to provide the possibility to customize the feedback Lindsay.

Hinted to Mr. Ni Fei to that phone will be launched Nubia Red Magic 3 new in the month of April, so maybe will hear more about in the coming weeks.


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