ZTE Axon 9 Pro. Need more iPhone clones X

Recently, Motorola introduced a smartphone P30, which almost completely copies the design of the iPhone X. for some reason, in Network all immediately pounced on the company for plagiarism, although it is now conventional clones of the flagship Apple a dime a dozen.

Also a “goodbye” with Motorola, arguing that the company finally scored on design, although I noted that the novelty is presented only for China. But now not about it. Apparently, it’s time in the same way to say goodbye to ZTE. I think many of you remember the model Axon. I personally do not particularly like them, but the design was definitely original. In General, here are 9 Axon Pro.

To be honest I really don’t understand the blind copy, whether it’s Motorola, ZTE or anyone else. Well, there are also many models that are similar to iPhone X in General, but have many distinctive features. And even ZTE could clearly develop the design of the old models of Axon, bringing it to modern trends. Especially after the problems with the U.S. company would not prevent the slaughter of interesting uber-model in the role of flagship, but no.

The novelty will present on August 30 at IFA 2018. She will get Snapdragon 845 and 6 GB of RAM. I don’t even care that there still will be options.

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