Zcoin jumped by 100 percent. Possible cause: – integration with Mastercard

There is information that the coins Zcoin now you can pay through plastic card PolisPay. Service PolisPay was founded in 2017. His main goal was bringing the cryptocurrency to the masses and providing a way to pay them everywhere. The team tried to implement this objective through the issuance of plastic cards Mastercard with multi-currency support.

According to the latest reports, now the map supports Zcoin and it can pay anywhere that accepts Mastercard. Even permitted to withdraw Fiat currency from ATMs.

Perhaps just because of this news, the price of the coins has jumped to almost 100 percent at the peak was $ 11.35 USD. Market capitalization has reached 77.5 million dollars, the daily volume jumped to 20 million.

As noted in the press release, Zcoin will be the first coin that integrated into PolisPay during beta testing. If you want to participate in the beta test, you need to download the app PolisPay and order using his card.

What Zcoin?

Zcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency focused on anonymity and privacy. The launch of the project took place on 28 September 2016. The project is based on the proof with zero disclosure. This Protocol allows one of the parties to the transaction to ensure the correctness of the statements without the information from the second party.

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Recall, 10 December 2018 was held hardwork Zcoin, the main innovation of which was the translation of the algorithm of extraction with Lyra2z on MTP. Immediately after this, the team 2Miners optimized software for mining this coin. More data look at cryptodata.

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