ZClassic increased by 400 percent over the week. What happens to the “dead” coin?

ZClassic claim to the title of your favorite cryptocurrency traders. Initially, the coin appeared as a fork of zcash for that delivered miners from 20 percent of the commissions in favor of developers. Then in February on the basis of ZCL and BTC Bitcoin was born Private. Last recently jumped to 99 percent and this is another reason for respect ZClassic. Recently, the rate of ZCL is growing rapidly. Understand the situation and at the same time studying the future of the project.

“The End” ZClassic

Fork ZCL and BTC was successful. The owners named the coins received respective shares of the BTCP in the ratio of 1 to 1. And since ZClassic much cheaper than Bitcoin, before separating the user wants to buy. The rate has increased from 10 dollars to 200, but after rupture of the blockchain has returned to the previous level.

But not back to the developers. After the fork, the creators announced about switching to Bitcoin Private efforts and scored ZCL. Coin officially left behind the cryptocurrency of the ship.

Course ZClassic growing by leaps and bounds

Now the cost of coins is growing rapidly. Take last week. Today, one ZCL give you 28 dollars, while seven days ago, the rate barely exceeded $ 6. Growth — more than 400 percent.

Only for the last days the rate has increased by 29 per cent. And for example, Bitcoin has fallen by 5 percent. Magic? Scam? Pump? We need to understand.

Why is growing (ZClassic) ZCL

It turns out that the project is considered to be dead only on paper. In fact it picked up by enthusiastic users, who did not want to give up on the beloved cryptocurrency.

And they are not just hoglet coin of fidelity, and have developed a plan for the development of ZCL. You can see it here. The text in English.

Among the possible options to create mastered, the introduction of staking, which is described in this article, the intensification of cooperation with the mining pools and other important things.


Of course, we cannot exclude the possibility of good old Pampa. Usually over him trying certain groups in social networks that try to inflate the exchange rate by loud statements. Then the coins are sold, and the profit goes to the purchase of lamb and lobster.

What does history teach us with ZClassic?

While the reference Hodler expect growth of Bitcoin, others earn on other coins. 400 percent growth, a huge figure. In accordance with it for one bitcoin today would give about 35 thousand dollars. Cool, right?

In other words, market research and experiments with different coins can be justified. Earn on the course even when the whole market is stuck in a prolonged correction or rolling on the bottom.

Where mine ZClassic (ZCL)

To get the coin on the pool recommend 2miners. Now the digging ZCL employs 165 people. Overall, Hasrat — 942 KS/s, which exceeds one and a half percent of the entire network. In which case switch to other coins.

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