YouTube will have videos to upload to your phone

YouTube will have videos to upload to your phone

In 2014 the network decided to YouTube to provide a service to download videos application Android for some states, even given the problems of these sections later without even an internet connection .

The number of beneficiary states in this service until the beginning of the current year about 154 state of the 195 state uses its citizens to apply YouTube .

Today there is a add new feature to download these videos, I began to emerge I have most users, including this writer, in the application of YouTube on the platform Google Play for Android.

YouTube will have videos to upload to your phone

If you walk into a tab (library) in the app, then to conversions (Download) you’ll find YouTube suggests a number of video clips available to download on your phone to watch later.

These Of course vary from one user to another according to the state border, the history of browsing on YouTube, and the quality of the sections that I thought to follow them and watch them on the platform YouTube.

Simple feature but very practical for the community of YouTube.


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