YouTube will be the results of verification of the facts in the search results regarding sensitive topics


Like many of the platforms available on the internet, the value also has the problem of the spread of the content of the Polygon. A recent study revealed that video clips on YouTube contributed to an increase in the number of people who believe that the Earth is flat. The company has now decided to launch the boards to clarify the new will be used to confirm some of the facts when users search for topics of controversial and sensitive.

Said a spokesman for the company : ” as part of our ongoing efforts to create a newsletter The best on YouTube, we are working to expand the scope of the panel the illustration of our own to clarify some of the facts from publishers qualified to YouTube “.

Gonna plate the illustration of these processes of transformation of the content of specialized partners in the validation of content on YouTube in the search results relating to ” sensitive topics on misinformation, “ according to the spokesperson for the YouTube. Will be the width of the panels to explain this on the pages of search results instead of individual videos. Won’t prevent that videos that contain misleading information from appearing in search results, but will YouTube to create a warning about the information that include sensitive topics.

The YouTube launched this feature in India just at the present time, this does not seem surprising given that this is the largest market for the company, they have there are more than 250 million users. These will be displayed warnings in English and Hindi. I’ve confirmed the YouTube they will bring this feature gradually to more countries around the world but did not provide a clear road map.


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