YouTube warning of “significant decline” in the number of subscribers to my channel

YouTube testing auto-play feature for homepage videos on Android

Chen YouTube a massive campaign at the expense of the spa, hence, police are warning owners of micro-channel and large of the “marked decline” may affect the number of subscribers to their channels due to delete the accounts of spamming, and of course affected the largest of the suspected joint fake two.

Among the most prominent affected will be the small canals that form the dummy accounts a large proportion of its subscribers where it will open the possibility to activate the income therefore will not profit from a video of her. And also explain YouTube channels that have the number of subscribers less than a thousand subscribers will be removed from the YouTube Partner Program and we have to re-apply later after the lifting of the number of participants naturally and effectively.

Developed YouTube over the years their technology in the detection of spam that relies on several key elements, such as advanced statistics for the uses and machine learning to identify patterns of proliferation and anomalies about the natural values in addition to Review Manual of the human.

We posted yesterday about the transparency report in the second quarter of the company that appears to delete the millions of passages and channels of infringing items used and created by the accounts spamming as well as hundreds of millions of comments spicy.

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