YouTube start to provide feature stories for channels that exceed 10,000 common

يوتيوب تبدأ توفير ميزة القصة للقنوات التي تتخطى 10,000 مشترك

After a period of launch of a feature story to be part of the product itself, I started YouTube to provide feature stories for content, who give up their channels 10,000 subscribers, to enable them to publish more content and promote it in new ways on the platform of the video world’s first.

There will be present a new tool for the owners of channels that have exceeded the number of participants required, so that they can make the content in the form of stories with the advantages of writing and modify them in a way close to what we see on Snapchat into.

Welcomes YouTube of the launch of this feature is to provide an opportunity for the content to communicate more on the product without having to make so many adjustments on the videos they share on their channels and be closer to the Reserve than for the simplicity of photography and share content directly and without cost.

Maybe water will be available for the content the number of subscriptions is large currently, but could we expect more for the channels and number of subscribers less in the coming period.

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