Youtube raises the feature picture-in-picture for all users soon

Provided the company Google during the last year. the feature of pip or “picture in picture” within the operating system Android oreo, and then save the YouTube application the same water for the users of YouTube Premium and YouTube Red, but there is a recent report indicates that the company is owned by Google will continue to water for all users around the world

ميزة يويتوب
The advantage of YouTube

The monitoring of the developers in the support page of your company’s some changes that confirm that the new feature available to all users of the YouTube application on phones running on Android oreo, but this feature is currently available only to users in the United States of America, is scheduled to be provided in a larger number of States around the world during the next period.

It is worth noting that the feature picture-in-picture allows users to stream YouTube videos while using other apps, and the user do this easily by clicking on the video who speaks to the small screen can move around Screen Phone

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