Youtube pay huge amounts for content creators to promote new features, according to a new report


In the past years has been YouTube is the default used by anyone to watch or post videos. At the moment, there are more options, which makes the YouTube at risk of losing their place so they try to keep visitors interested in preventing it, they pay large sums of money to help in the promotion of some features of YouTube.

According to a new report released from the website of Bloomberg, it seems that YouTube is paying a lot of money to the content creators the most famous. Is using these funds to encourage content creators to promote some of the features of YouTube, such as Paid subscriptions, and chat features improved, and more, so if you come across some of the most popular channels on YouTube Troy for YouTube, don’t be surprised.

It seems that this has resulted in complaints from content creators who see that the ads is not enough to make a living from YouTube, because youtube started to become more stringent with the content that can be monetized content you can’t monetize them, have felt many of the content creators that this might hurt the party.

Believes that the amount paid by youtube ranging from tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, this is not the first time that we hear such reports, it was speculated earlier that youtube feel the danger of competition from the platform Instagram IGTV, and tried to pay content creators to make their content exclusive to YouTube.


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