Youtube now lets you see the amount of time spent watching videos on the product

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We all feel guilty when we spend a lot of time on YouTube. It may take hours before we realize that we have wasted a lot of time. If you do this a lot, I have a YouTube new tool to help you regain control of the time you spend on the product. This tool is part of the initiative to the shelves and digital announced by Google at its annual conference for developers Google I/0 of 2018, which was held in the month of May.

There are many luxury features digital of Google services like Gmail and Android and Google Photos. Was announced some of the features that will be released to YouTube, also at the conference, Google I/O 2018, and between these features remind to display reminders to stop watching temporarily after a certain time period. And now, youtube year of the panel ” Time Watched ” which will be present in the list of Account.

Will this tablet users a better understanding of the amount of content that they see on the service. Will be able to know which cities watched the YouTube videos on a certain day, and on the seventh day, and during the last week.

These numbers are based on registered user on YouTube. If you delete videos from your history or watch it in incognito mode, it will not be displayed in this community. If the watch history available temporarily, it would not be possible to track The time in service. However, Google has not clarified yet whether it is account record views in Youtube TV and Youtube Music in this community also or not.



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