YouTube now has free movies, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to view them

And all because a new opportunity is available only to residents of the United States.

YouTube had previously allowed users to watch movies can be rented or purchased. They are available in the appropriate directory. By the way, the prices are quite humane – for example, the first part of “Harry Potter” can be viewed for 18 UAH (SD) / UAH 25 (HD) “Star wars: a New hope” will cost 25 UAH (HD), “snatch” – UAH 18 (SD) / UAH 25 (HD), the“Deadpool 2” – 35 UAH (HD). But keep in mind that the films are in original language with subtitles.

Now there is another directory with free movies. It consists of 99 works, among which are the five parts of the movies “rocky”, “Terminator”, “the Pink Panther 2, Agent Cody banks,” and others. Viewing is free but will be interrupted for commercials. But, unfortunately, that when you try to watch any of the movies in this directory there is an inscription “the original Uploader of the video blocked in your country”.

In the future YouTube plans to expand the catalogue of free movies, I hope that the list of countries in which it is available will also increase.

Source: The Verge

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