YouTube Music service now supports playing music saved on a phone from inside his

The preparation of the application to YouTube Music as an alternative to Play Music since I restored Google allow their services on YouTube last year, the turn by about a month from now, YouTube Music the ability to work a media player for files saved locally, but that was only through other apps such as File Managers.

Now, this being the support from within the app itself, paving the way for neglect of the service, PlayStation Music, a chosen Google open this function through the tab of the new file device “Device Files”, however won’t be able to now add your audio files local to queues and playlists in YouTube Music.

Through the screen shot above, show a new option “”Device Files” under the section “artists” in the tab “library”, and there’s supposed to be a tab similar in the four sections of the other (downloads, playlists, albums and podcasts of favorite), but we can’t be sure without more screen shots.

Finally, this update is not currently available to everyone, it is certainly server-side, as it also does not appear in the latest version of the APK for the application, but what matters to us is that this step expresses an important advance towards the YouTube Music to be an alternative to the scourge of music.

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