YouTube learn to automatically play the video thumbnail

Приложение YouTube

In the updated version of the YouTube app now has a auto-play video on the main page. Silent, thumbnails allow you to quickly find out what is happening in each video and understand, interesting or not. Previously, the feature was only available for paid subscriptions to YouTube for Premium, but the company decided to make it available to all. It is believed that the innovation will affect the attendance service.

The fact that automatically include video to attract the attention of many people. If the user was able to get past the usual miniatures, now the probability of clicking on the video is greatly increased. Cover videos will not disappear — some bloggers spend on their creation a long time, so before playing people will be a few seconds to see the cover.

A function like the paid subscription, but not the fact that it will appeal to others. Especially for them in the sound is completely disable auto-play. For users with expensive traffic it is possible to switch functions only in the presence of Wi-Fi.

The change applies only to videos that are shown on the “home” tab. Auto play is not used on the rollers shown in the tab with subscriptions and within YouTube-channel.

Previously, app appeared and other interesting innovations. For example, users can see how much time they spend watching videos. In the beginning of 2018, the developers added a long-awaited theme of black color, useful for viewing video at night.

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