Youtube learn how you’ll be spoilers of the content!

Yesterday evening the YouTube drafting detail about the changes brought about by the policy of the University after the publication of ALTER-famous Logan Paul, who has been off the ads on his channel yesterday for an indefinite period after the publication of his recent video hurting a dead animal, and she had talked to Susan and Jessica -Executive Director – in early February that one of the objectives of the company in 2018 be established clear policies to address the content creators who deviated their behavior to score the most damage to society as a whole. Changes direct; where the Department of YouTube to the right in any channel the right to show ads and access to major programs like Google Preferred, YouTube Partner as well as the proposal of the video, if it is proved that the channel publish what hurts the community of YouTube. [divider][/divider]

Youtube need to set tools quick access

[divider][/divider] As long as you own the YouTube authorities identified by the new wording of its policy as a technology company owner, the new estimates on car extension took place to make the approach youtube more transparent and willing to be more stringent towards safety which affect the reputation of YouTube and a bunch. He wrote Ariel Bardin, Vice-President Product Management – in a blog post, “as long as we possess a group of guidelines that serve as rules that show me the content of what is shared on the platform along with a set of guidelines for ads that can be monetized. As we have a system of penalty we use to enforce those guidelines, which could ultimately lead to the closure of the canal, but in rare cases, we need to have the We have the widest range of tools to use to let faster and more effective extension system and the current arrangements”. Continued cold calling the damage behavior of the owners of the popular channels on the community, and share my YouTube, and content creators who may make similar content to collect the problems and contributions of many. That is why it is important to ensure that the management of YouTube to take action against offenders to ensure they don’t impact on the rest of the community youtube. It was controversial, Logan Paul, had already halted his channel on YouTube because of the filmed video of the victim’s suicide in a forest known for the incidents of suicide in Japan, and Paul is not indifferent to … in the video before they erase it after that and stop it youtube, but it’s usually a video raising awareness against suicide in late January to serve as atonement for what you did to that described by most of his mistakes, but he soon published a video in which a dead rat. Writes cool: “in the past we felt that our response to certain situations was slow and did not mean always the concerns of the broader community. Our goal Ultimate is to make the response more streamlined so that we can make better decisions faster and to continue to explain. We believe in freedom of expression and believe that the vast majority of you follow the guidelines and that it is part of a great community and links. But we know also that we have a responsibility to protect the community of the content Creator and the viewers and advertisers of these positions are rare and abusive. We expect to apply these new penalties in rare cases, but we hope to be our tool to prevent the behavior of the few harmful to the community.” Source: The Verge

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