YouTube is working on several TV series and movies, interactive

يوتيوب تعمل على عدة مسلسلات وأفلام تفاعلية

In spite of cancelled several great shows on service payments, the YouTube is on its way to the basket by another with visual content this time with the industry interactive presentations of TV series and movies and software, similar to what the network and Netflix with a loop Bandersnatch from the series Black Mirror.

Where the YouTube is set among the Rila which was within the Department of business scenarios visible in the network, to be director of a new company focused on interactive content.

The interactive presentations to give the viewer a chance to determine what he wants to see him instead of to obey all the stories that are written by the author of the scenario, in the sense that the viewer can determine through several scenarios of the form of the story both through the directions that he chooses, for example, can determine which personal die and then will continue the show without them, on the other side can be someone different with the same old survival test of personal will viewer another story different, even though the width is the same and start one.

Is considered interactive content one of the most important areas in which he works on developing the experts of television and movies for many years, and is considered the networks to broadcast content beginning this in spite of having a lot of future work to interactive content for full. But in every case, the industry similar content would be a big leap for viewers to enjoy the works.

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