YouTube is testing a feature Picture in Picture

The first reports that YouTube is testing the function of Picture in Picture appeared last week. Yesterday wrote about the same thing Engadget that indicates that the number of users who have this feature is growing.

As you can see, the player window if necessary minimized to the lower right corner, keeping the name of the movie and controls.

It is possible to continue to explore the vast Network, but only within YouTube. Then go to another tab and continue browsing will not work.

In fact, this function is identical to that already long established in the mobile YouTube app. Moreover, in the same Opera for a long time already there is a similar opportunity, and the browser allows you not only to switch between tabs, by continuing to browse, but to post a YouTube window where you want.

But in the form in which the function will suggest YouTube, it will not be superfluous. Although it is unclear when it will be available to all.

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