YouTube is facing criticism, has you transfer all of the Videos Kids Youtube Kids


May be YouTube violated the privacy laws of children in the United States of America, this explains why it is investigated currently by the Federal Trade Commission of America. He said a new report from the Wall Street Journal America that executives at YouTube are thinking to move all the content associated with the children to the platform Youtube Kids to avoid any legal problems again.

The other solution proposed is to disable Autoplay option on your own content for children, which limits the chances of finding minors to inappropriate content. And, apparently, has briefed now, those responsible for development technicians in the company, Google employees already on the potential changes, but there is some resistance as to remove the videos of the children from the platform YouTube home may cost the company millions of advertising revenue the past.

Includes Read disable autoplay also on the pros and cons, this decision fits into parents who were concerned in the former that their children spend a long time on their devices, but it doesn’t fit the creators and contributors, who may see a decline in the percentage of views.

There is no guarantee the approval of these proposals or that the federal investigation will find something, but the charges look serious, apparently, value is now accused of violating the ACT children’s online privacy after the submission of the complaints about the data that is collected incorrectly for minors under the age of 13 years.


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