YouTube invests$ 200 million in support of educational content

يوتيوب تستثمر 200$ مليون في دعم المحتوى التعليميThe director of global learning in YouTube the owner of the road for the organization invested $ 200 million in the production line of educational content within its new program to finance learning, by supporting the education channels makers, independent content, as well as the interests of traditional news and educational organizations for assistance in expanding the offerings of its own content.

And can content makers who are at least the number of participants based on 25.000 progress and get funding, and requires the applicant’s possession of an official certificate of the Council of supply in his mask, but to clarify being a own area of expertise or rely on people with experience in the preparation of the content displayed, where will be the beneficiaries of funding by signing a written agreement with YouTube, which will include a number of conditions about the mechanism of action.

The current investment from YouTube in the tutorial the result of the desire of increasing learning and assistance in the programs erase the Umayyad and access to better media, where she is executive director of the Susan and Jessica earlier in June last from the policies of the company in this regard; saying they are hoping in support of persons who use YouTube as a way to share their own knowledge with millions of other users around the world who came for YouTube wishes for.

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