Youtube evolution of stealth mode in their application on the Android



There are many reasons that may prompt the user to search for specific videos on YouTube and does not want to appear in the search record or a Live proposal similar to continuously, so you work YouTube on incognito within an application on the Android platform so that it does not retain any traces of use.

Already there are many good reasons to ask incognito, say you’re interested in the videos technical I had for some reason search for a show or a recipe for a certain food your mother and I gave her your phone via your account seen on many of the sections sent back to you, what will happen in the next few minutes?

You’ll find that youtube began to propose you more and more videos about the series and described the food with it is not within your interests, a step long to get rid of this nuisance and return everything to what it was with the suggestions of videos and technical.

Incognito would solve this problem, all you have to do to end this situation and are looking for anything you want without being recorded and influenced by the algorithms for the proposal.

To get to the design of the hidden all you have to do is click on the icon of the profile picture in the top right corner and then there will be the option to Turn on Incognito under the option to switch account and log out.

Note While using the incognito is to change the profile picture and not be a channel shared by the phenomenon of the browser.

Currently water-under-test on a sample of users within the Android version just hoping to divorce her later for all users.


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