YouTube decide to stop the feature of automatic sharing on Twitter and Google it plus

يوتيوب تُقرر وقف ميزة المشاركة التلقائية على تويتر وقوقل بلس

The company announced YouTube today that they will be the feature that allows users to share their activity automatic in YouTube on my network Twitter parking plus, the company has identified the history of the specific removable, so it will be after the 31st of January, i.e. the end of the current month.

Currently allows Twitter users to share their activity on YouTube, by going to the settings of YouTube and then to related applications down to select “Share activity on Twitter”.

Generally the police never mentioned the reason behind this removal, but urged users to share videos on social networks from the share button direct from YouTube itself, where users will see the option to participate on social platforms directly after loading the new video successfully.

Finally the company stated ” that users can still add links of their social networks to their channels on YouTube and share the videos from the page, and with this removal Associated, will not affect items that have been shared already on Twitter prior to the date of the removal, where they will see activities published without prejudice”.

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