YouTube copy Netflix: soon you will be able to choose the ending clips on the popular video sharing

Last year, the streaming giant Netflix has launched a series of episodes in which spectators can choose the option of ending episodes. Most popular in this respect was one of the episodes of “Black mirror”. While in October 2018 to the public was presented and the animated show “Puss in Book” with a similar concept. And now, it seems, the search leader in the face of Google, which owns one of the most popular video hosting YouTube, decided to implement a similar system in their videos. Soon you will be able to choose the ending of the rollers. But there is one thing.

It is worth noting that Netflix does not stop there and launched quickly gained popularity show “You vs Wild” with the famous Beara Grillsa. The growing interest on the part of the audience to such formats and has pushed Google to do something similar.

It is known that subscribers YouTube-premium, you have access to exclusive shows and TV series. According to leaked to the network information, the YouTube administration has decided to reduce the number of “normal” episodes of their projects in favor of the interactive series. So fly in the ointment is likely hiding the fact that unusual content will probably be available only by subscription.

“Today we have a very functional tools and opportunities to create, build and multi-layered, interactive story stories.” — said in an interview with Bloomberg, one of the leaders of division Susanne Daniels. “We have an understanding of how to improve the content on our platform. This involved a new division of our company.”

The development of the promising directions is one of the Google employees Ben Relles, under whom already conducted studies on the potential audience. In addition, the company has ready-made algorithms to produce content with several scenarios. Presumably, in may of this year YouTube will talk about the new interactive show at an event.

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