YouTube confirms that they started viewing movies supported by ads on its platform

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Do you want to watch a movie or the entire series on YouTube? If you are interested in it, you’ll have to pay to do so via many of the paid plans offered by YouTube. However, since these plans such as YouTube Originals and YouTube TV is available globally so far, it means that there are many users who are likely to be out of the equation.

However, it has today released a new report from the website AdAge says that YouTube plans to change that by starting in films supported the ads on its platform the basic. It seems that this thing started a YouTube show to users since last October so I started showing films like ” The Terminator ” and ” Legally Blonde“, this means that users can watch these movies for free on YouTube, but should have to deal with ads.

Since then, confirmed YouTube they say this practice. According to Rohit Dhawan, who holds the position of Product Manager at YouTube, stated by saying : ” we saw this opportunity at the request of users, unlike the movies paid just. Can we provide movies ad-supported for free users? As this represents a great opportunity for advertisers “.

Put YouTube already has ads in the video clips as one of the ways in which content creators make money, but the company refused to disclose the amount of revenue from the ads that you give to scout movies in order to compare them with the proceeds from the ads that give its creators the ordinary. As you can expect, the film library ad-supported is not great currently, it includes about 100 film only. It is also not the latest movies also, but if you want something you can watch it for free legally, it may be useful to check them out.



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