YouTube choose the changes to make the property ” Up Next ” customizable more

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One of the features of YouTube is the ” Next | Up Next ” which shows you the videos you think they might interest you. This feature is dependent to a large extent on what you think of YouTube that you like based on things you’ve seen in the past, but I don’t often talk too much in this water.

But that could change in the future because, according to a new report released recently from the website Android Police, which spotted some of the changes server-side, which was made on YouTube suggest feature ” Up Next ” may be customizable more in the future. As you can see in the photo below, the YouTube choose to allow users to sort video clips.


It seems that the categories of sorting these different, allowing you some videos displaying videos as suggestions and view the video clips of the same channel, and view videos based on the subject as is the case in the picture above where the game Fortnite is a complex topic, and related videos, and videos selected specially for you. We are not sure how to determine the type of video display by feature Up Next, but as we said earlier, it seems that these changes are still in the testing phase, this means that the final product may change.

We don’t have currently any information about when do you think the YouTube version of these changes, but due to it still in the testing phase at the moment, it is difficult to determine whether it will be for all users or whether it will remain trapped in the tests.


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