YouTube choose coordinated new recommendations of the videos and the expansion of the feature story

يوتيوب تختبر تنسيقًا جديدًا للتوصية بالفيديوهات وتُوسّع من ميزة القصص

I’ve always bought YouTube users that the videos recommended, does not include mostly relevant to the current video, which makes this point a point of contention, it seems that the complainant had reached the police, where currently been spotted testing version service YouTube, and choose the company coordinated the new recommendations of the videos through the blue bubbles below the video.

Turn containing these bubbles on the words of the key proposals relevant to the project, making it easier for users to browse the videos, the report added that this feature is tested on some users in the main page of the service on the desktop as well as on the phone application.

يوتيوب تختبر تنسيقًا جديدًا للتوصية بالفيديوهات وتُوسّع من ميزة القصص

And separately, has been monitoring some of the advantages of other testing, such as the recommendation to download the videos, also expand the feature story, where he shares some of the users Stories YouTube the activation key which I don’t buy it, finally there is no word from YouTube about these tests, and whether the company intend to launch the test to a larger group within the next few days or not, we will follow things closely and everything is new.

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