Youtube allows the speech to text in live broadcast and more

Youtube has announced three new features specific to the live broadcast on the service, and the presentation of the text book not spoken by the user in the live broadcast, the possibility of re-chat that occurred during the live broadcast, and finally the reference of the geographical location of which is being broadcast from it.

Beginning this feature is very useful is the conversion of spoken words to written text on the screen English caption in the live broadcast and automatically but it of course only supports the English language. Any when the user is within the broadcast word is displayed on the screen are written.

Of course, as is the case with the videos previously published on YouTube, does not offer this service quality, high converting close to reality, it has to be unfortunately the worst ones because the conversion is done in real time and you can learn and practice. Is available this feature gradually over the coming weeks.

Secondly you will notice the YouTube chat associated with the live broadcast and re-displayed during the broadcast where be synchronized with the video, as is the case with Facebook.

Finally you can work a reference to the geographical location of the geotag of the live broadcast during the start of your smart phone to your friends and viewers where you work.

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