YouTube adds three new phones from Huawei to the list of ” Youtube Signature Devices “


The YouTube day add a group of phones to Huawei, including Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro and Honor View 20 to the list of Youtube Signature Devices, A list that includes devices that support all the features of YouTube, including HDR and video Spherical Video 360 degrees, video 4K, and the tire high, the focus of the Google VP9 support DRM.

Team YouTube that every device is added to the list of Subject Tests is intense and it works closely with hardware manufacturers to provide the best possible performance and high quality while running YouTube videos. The menu consists of several smartphones from Samsung and LG and OnePlus and HTC and Huawei and Xiaomi, Google and Nokia.

It is interesting to find that the iPhone is missing from the list, since iOS devices do not support the system video codec VP9 of Google. Should all devices that are part of the list of YouTube Signature Devices to support the six basic techniques, and HDR videos, and illustrated at an angle of 360 degrees, and decode video 4K, support frame rate associated with, and support the next generation of the coded video such as VP9, and the performance of digital rights management. You can learn more about each feature here.

However, there remains the interesting thing step is that when you try to run some video of the comic at an angle of 360 degrees which is recommended by YouTube on the Youtube page, Signature Devices, you will discover that the phone Huawei P30 Pro does not operate properly. The same thing also applies to the Galaxy S10, but the latter is not listed on the page, so we can understand it. What is more surprising is that the iPhone XR has run all the videos this properly, despite the fact that it wasn’t included in the list of Youtube’s Signature Devices.

Better to say that one can’t take this list seriously, you’ll find that some of the devices listed in this menu do not support all the features of YouTube. However, most of these phones won’t find it difficult to support these features in the future, except for HDR, which requires a monitor that supports HDR, but it should be noted that the two phones OnePlus 6 and Honor View 20 included in this list even though they don’t have screens that support HDR technology.

Basically, you can ignore all of this information and follow your life because this list does not make sense to a large extent.


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