Your smartphone is dirtier than a toilet seat !

The company Insurance2go butt of a lengthy study of the levels of germs, the smartphones, only to discover that more than 35% People don’t say they cleaned the phones using baby wipes or any similar product, where say 1 out of every 20 users to clean his phone once every 6 months, the company subsequently test a number of three phones popular, such as iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S8 parking the pixels, looking for levels of mold, bacteria and fungi, to be the results about the presence of a small amount at least of these germs in all aspects of the phones, which included the back, power button, Home button and.

Researchers put the germs in growing conditions so they would become visible

The company then led by the regions, the filthiest phones by restricting the number of colonies existing in every square cm to see the number of live bacteria or fungal cells in each region, to show the results later to the screens of phones bearing 254.9 colony developing every square cm, to be Young is the place for the filthiest phone, where board refers to the previous existence of 84.9 colony all screen smart phone, on average.

Compared to the toilets and button rating who found that carries 24 colonies per square cm, while keyboard and mouse is usually 5 colonies only every square cm.

The researchers tested an Google Pixel, and iPhone 6, and a Samsung Galaxy 8

This did not refer the study to a certain phone can cause more of the phones better, but this comes at a time when revealed in a study recently about the leadership of the holders of smart phones checking their phones once every 1 minute in its description of the researchers that the behavior is like addiction, which is why police advise trying to minimize the use of your smartphone through the day with attention to clean it with napkins sterile each period.

Source: Sky

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