Your photos on Instagram as a patient of flu does have its advantages. I know its

I stopped by to your photos and accompanying words on “Instagram” Instagram can be used in the fight against disease, the flu?!.. It is through the prism of your daily, researchers can monitor the rate of spread of influenza and the severity on the sentence, especially in the winter?!

It may be weird, but it’s the fact announced by researchers at the University of Finland, in cooperation with the experts of the software from the company “Titan”, it has succeeded in developing a new technology of artificial intelligence AI neural networks, follow-up photos posted on Instagram, and everything related to everything about influenza and its symptoms and medications used in the treatment, with the aim of using social media as a means of measuring health trends.

As a result, researchers collected publications and a photo Weekly of the “Instagram” for people who say they are infected with the flu, and words related to Ballmer, and some of the pictures of drugs, during the period from April 2012 to May 2018, and included a sample of more than 220 thousand pictures or words about the disease, added to hashtags used in Instagram, including the flu, and muscle pain, sneezing, cough, high temperature, and stress.

The experience of this sample in Finland, hoping her experience in each country on its own, so as not to occur interference due to dialects and expressions, the researchers are now looking to pull out all the data and photos from Instagram, using a programming language known as “Python”, join the programs used in the compilation and classification of online content.

The post your pics on Instagram as a patient the flu, not its benefits, I know it appeared first on the buckle.

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