Your phone camera is not to change just as I think

A hidden feature in the camera phone didn’t realize it before. The basic function of the phone camera as is the the bottom of things, to take pictures or videos and keep them as a memory or to share with friends and on social networking sites, use the phone’s camera to change by the user to depict events important is the purpose that justified the user’s focus when searching for a convenient phone with good camera, and accurately and high quality, but there are a lot of photography this camera , do you know how to hide a camera phone?

To help you take advantage of these subtleties or technical, that stand behind the camera of your phone we offer you this app .

To take advantage of the secret, hidden, or service provided by the phone’s camera we need to apply his name, Image Recognizer, and is one of the best camera apps are useful in daily life, simple turn your phone camera into something of myth, and imagination, gives the camera an advantage of intelligence and to become more sophisticated, they can identify the things that work photographed by a camera lens to give you accurate information about that thing.

Downloaded the app and capture image via camera phone you can get information about this thing of the unknown for you image, or icon, or a game, or device, or specific brand, and recognize it from the videos and all the offices and what has published articles about it, and if what has been photographed an unknown device find the link to buy it.

This app works on the classification of images in several categories, all this at a speed where it connects to and reads the words in each picture you take.

Image Recognizer

Other features to develop the Image Recognizer, reveals logo of common products found in the image, reveals the general features of the image such as colors, reads the text within the image, includes many languages, among them Arabic language, easy to use, reveals many of the categories within the image, such as YouTube, translate, Wikipedia and image search, Amazon, with the application of the Image Recognizer you can use your phone camera to serve you and find what you’re looking for effortlessly and quickly .

The app is free and can be downloaded from the following link :


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