Your iPad Mini will get upgraded this year, according to a new report

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At the time, was the category of tablet devices famous too is a class ” Mini ” where the company manufacturers the production of tablet devices with screen size of 7 inches or so, a tablet that has been recognized for their popularity by Apple after the launch of iPad Mini. It seems that the popularity of small tablets has shrunk significantly over the years with the knowledge that Apple is apparently the only company that still know of such devices.

And for those who love tablet and iPad Mini, there seems to be bad news for them because it seems that the iPad Mini will get an upgrade this year. According to a new report released recently from the site DigiTimes, it seems that it is not has Apple any plans to upgrade the iPad Mini this year, which means that if you want a new model, you’re not lucky. Instead, you will have to choose to get the fourth generation of the iPad Mini which was launched in the year 2015.

This means that the tablet will have specifications outdated by about three years, and although we assume it still works well, but we are sure that there are some people who want to watch it equipped with the specifications of modern technology. There were rumors in the past suggested that Apple is planning to phase out iPad Mini.

Some features of iPad Mini is its screen is small and its low price compared to Tablet the iPad normal, but earlier this year, Apple launched a new iPad size of 9.7 inches, so if you care more about price rather than size, that the device new tablet deserves to take a good look.



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