Your guide to buy the “power” fits your needs

The flexibility of the storage capacity of energy and the number of ports of the basic things when thinking about buying a power bank to suit your needs to recharge your devices outside the home when needed.. here’s what you should be looking for when buying a power bank.

1 – storage of energy

More storage for you the better, and the storage capacity in amp/hours. The higher the number for a specific amp/hours, the better. And don’t buy a power bank with less than double the battery capacity of your phone or device to charge it.

From the appropriate options:

Europe you Remax with a capacity of 30000 mAh/H.




Shawty with a capacity of 10000 mA/H if you want to quest less.




2 – raw

It is extremely important when you purchase a power bank with you to make sure the ore was manufactured and its quality, His Excellency the manufacturing poor could cause damage to your devices, so you have to buy the power of the brand has proven the quality of materials, manufacturing efficiency and performance such as Samsung andHuawei or Shawty.

3. the power indicator light

Of course, better to buy power bank with LED indicator to clear the level of energy available in the device company.

4 – Brand

As we mentioned earlier, trademarks are reliable and offer high quality products do not cause damage to your devices, if your devices carry one brand, it is best to choose a power bank from the same brand.

5 – security

The security of the most important specifications purchase of any device that connects to the electrolyte, in particular smart phones and fallow the B you. Looking for power bank with Li-Polymer Battery high quality.

6 – force shipping

When you buy a power bank with you must know the power of charging your devices, it was considered fast charging 2 amp, must be taken into account facing it in the power that you not to take shipping too long, or don’t succeed in charging your devices.

If your devices charge on the strength of 1 amp then the problem of high power charging power B your device.

7 – the quality of the facility

The quality of the cable supplied with the power that you affect the period of shipment, as the shipper, high quality protects your devices from overheating when charging and vibrate energy. Make sure to use your author baldur The you in Shipping or charging your devices through it.

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