Your dreams and the memory of you and your fear.. 7 ways technology impacts them

Than usual to see everyone now carries a smartphone or tablet to become something in the road or while commuting via public transportation, also increased the smart watch to browse the users of social networking sites and email, it became rare to see someone not related to the phone or hours to search for something or respond to someone else, or to follow his work from time to time.. but what how moved we are by these tools and other means of modern technology? Here’s the answer:

1 – colorful dreams

I found a study conducted by the University of Dundee discussed in 2008, and supported by the American psychological Association in 2011, that the adults who plan to age 55 years old and grew up in homes with TV black and white, carrying their dreams in mostly these two colors only. On the contrary, and the young tend to color because they grew up in the age of color screens.

2 – fear of loss events

It is linked to more social media, as the fear the user to win any event, and examine his accounts on social networking sites every minute, so you don’t miss any event activates his friends or following them.

3 – the dangers of faulty memory and attention problems, sleep

The other technology of the physiology of human impacts on memory and attention disorders causing sleep problems for her. A phenomenon known as flexibility difficult any brain’s ability to change his behavior in response to experience and new effects.

4 – syndrome hear the phone ringing or a sensation of fluctuation.

It is a kind of hallucinations simple resulting from addiction to social networking sites, chat programs, instant. As a person hear the sound of the phone or the sensation of fluctuation, while that there are no any alerts issued by them. Inform the users of smart phones of that phenomenon by ranging from 27.4% to 89%.

5 – get rid fast

The adoption of the plan the information in front of him on the Internet, the phenomenon of Popcorn Brain, which affects our ability to deal with real life which is much slower.

6 – depression

Sometimes cause a sustained social media for depression and anxiety cover Suicidal Tendencies. Follow-up to the lives of others and to some users of the development of the extortion letter, without getting the help of friends and family or professional help, leads to many of these problems.

7 – downsizing period to the attention of the

Addiction to modern technology caused the shrinking attention span of 12 minutes on average to 5 minutes.

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