Your chance to connect the phone Honor Honor 10 Lite free of charge, with a challenge question and answer!

For anyone who wants to change his phone to phone Honor Honor, and each of heard about the success of the Echo, who made his series phones Honor since it was released, in front of you and all the lovers of honor a chance to win a phone Honer 10 Lite Honor 10 Lite with a challenge question and answer, provided by the club fan of the honor via his website.

All you need is to open a special account in the club’s honor, and through this link, and after the completion of the registration, open this link and register your subscription in the challenge “question and answer”, where centered the questions around the phone Honer 10 Lite and specifications.

After the completion of participation in the challenge, and get your result, I attach the screen shot (screen shot) of the result of your challenge in the comments of the contest page, and in this link, which contains details of participation in the challenge.

You must make sure that your name and Alias associated with your account at club honor phenomenon in the screen shot of the result of the verification, as there is a requirement to become a your comment is effective and the competition, you must get your comment to 10 likes at least.

According to the terms of the competition, will be selecting two participants to win a phone Honer, provided they receive at least 80 points in the test result, as will be choosing one participant to win the award again, didn’t know about its content yet, the requirement that this joint at least 80 points, while will be choosing one participant among all participants, regardless of their score, to win with honor.

Recall that the duration of the contest from 21 December to 15 January next, will be the announcement of the result in the period between 16 to 20 January.

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