Your Andromeda from the Microsoft company shows up in an email leaked


Series Surface devices from Microsoft include only currently tablet devices and laptops and desktop computers. There were rumors of a smartphone called the Surface Phone, but has not been disclosed yet, assuming it is still under development. However, there may be a new Surface didn’t know about Microsoft yet, at least according to the message of the email was leaked and obtained by the Website The Verge.

Indicate the letter E to the level of the internal continued to buy Microsoft talks about a device called the Andromeda. If this sounds familiar, it is due to the fact that there was a rumor in the past year indicated that Microsoft is working on a new device called Andromeda, which is supposed to be the tablet folding. This seems to be the last record supports these claims and suggests that you can have your Surface first midwife in the pocket.

According to the company’s internal Microsoft for Andromeda, he says : ” it’s a new Surface portable in pocket combines new gear, innovative software and new innovative to create a computing experience personal and multiple uses “. The photographer David Breyer with participation of some of the images that won’t be how it may seem, tablet Andromeda on the basis of the patent, which according to The Verge models match the primary current developed by Microsoft Corporation.


Before moving the idea to launch a Andromeda, the sources of The Verge says that the company can Microsoft pull the plug on the project at any stage. You could end up like the Surface Mini, which was cancelled at the last minute.


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