Young cryptomelane Eric Finman: Bitcoin is dead, Bitcoin Cash better

One of the young cryptomerioides started investing in Bitcoin back in 2011. Then 12-year-old Eric Finman bought my first BTC on the money he borrowed grandma. In January the story of Finman became the most popular even beyond kriptonyte. Thanks to bullrun his condition has increased to $ 4 million.

Bitcoin does problems

However, now Eric speaks very well about what had brought him great wealth.

Bitcoin is dead. It is divided, and cryptocommunist many internal differences. I don’t think that cryptocurrency will last long enough. Bullrun can still occur, but in the long run Bitcoin is dead.

It is noteworthy that the “internal disputes” mentioned, Finman, subsided in August 2017. Then took hardwork cryptocurrency and the light appeared Bitcoin Cash. All who had different plans for the future of the original Bitcoin, joined the community BCH.

To them moved even a young millionaire. He admitted that the Bitcoin Cash in is a lot better than the original Bitcoin. BCH have more potential in the technical field, but very poor advertising campaign. This is all very strange, because the events of the last month talking about something totally different. Bitcoin Cash went through the worst hardwork, which is very bad for the stock market. So he is better than Eric?

Perhaps, Finman not followed the industry ever since, as his portfolio was assessed a seven-figure sum. By the way, the young millionaire has never said how many bitcoins he poured on bullrun. Maybe he’s not a millionaire already does?

Among other projects, Finman highlighted Ethereum and zcash for. In his opinion, these crypto currency has all the chances to survive until the end of the bear market. But Litecoin is not more than the usual dummy. We will remind, today the Bitcoin is trading at $ 3200. So low coin for that year has not fallen yet.


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