You won’t believe your eyes: this neural network, she’ll dance for you

Artificial intelligence has shown itself very capable tool if we talk about manipulating video with people. The so-called “deepface” with the replacement individuals become the most bright example, but new applications appear every day. The latter creates gipface for dancing — artificial intelligence reads the dance movement of another person and puts it on the target body.

The scientific side of this option was engaged in four studies from the University of California at Berkeley. As they describe in a paper published in arXiv, their system consists of several discrete steps. First, recorded live with purpose and routine turns its motion into a stick figure. (For good quality will require about 20 minutes of shooting at 120 fps). Then is the source of the video and the figure with the sticks takes away movement. Then there is the sharing and the neural network synthesizes a video with a target individual based on the movement of the stick figures.

It looks amazing. See for yourself:

The neural network that creates your dance

Sounds, of course, but it’s actually much more complicated. For example, there is a routine which smoothes the movement of the figures, so that the dancers do not strongly pull, and a completely separate network intended for re-tracking the face of the goal to ensure realism.

The program has its limitations. The network can not accurately model loose tissue, so the target person needs to wear tight clothes. Meet and anomalies. In any case, the work is impressive.

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