You won’t believe the performance of the new iPad Pro in real tasks

Apple recently unveiled a new tablet iPad Pro. At the presentation of copertina said that the new tablets are more powerful than 92% sold now PC.

Yes, Apple devices are always more powerful than the smartphones of platform, but I heard about the 92%, only smiled.

Then, the Network appeared the result of SoC A12X Bionic Geekbench. Let me remind you, the platform won 5000 and 18,000 points in odnopolie and megapolice respectively. This level of six-core Core i7-8850H. Well, okay, it’s synthetic. In reality it is not so. Yes?

Yesterday, the Network appeared the result of a new iPad Pro in AnTuTu — 557 679 points. Half a million points!! Well, it’s still just a benchmark, albeit complex. In reality it is not so. Well, exactly the same?

Today, the Network appeared the first real test of the new iPad Pro 12.9. I’ll just leave this here.

No, of course I’m not just gonna leave. Honestly, I’m just in shock. To make it clearer, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 based on a normal Quad-core Core i5-8250U with a TDP of 15 watts. In what configuration was MacBook Pro not specified. This is exactly the model 2018, meaning there is a full Core i5 or Core i7 of the eighth generation.

You just look at the gap. When you encode a video the new iPad Pro stupid at times faster! At times, not that there is any interest. And then compared with conventionally best mobile U-processor Intel. Yes, there is already Whiskey Lake, but there is a difference only in frequencies.

Now let’s look more sober.

We don’t know the TDP of the new platform Apple. But, given the thickness of the tablet and the lack of active WITH, the rate is clearly lower than those of Intel CPU, with which we compare. The basis question is the optimization. Both applications developed by Adobe, plus in the case of iPad, Apple has created not only the iOS and platform A12X Bionic, whereas in the case of the same MacBook Pro Apple is responsible only for the axis. But it’s all good. Because the end customer is deeply indifferent to what tricks a result. The main thing — the performance in specific tasks is much higher. But more autonomy is better but it is.

In fairness, I have to admit that I was wrong. Just recently I wrote about the fact that if Apple in the near future and will translate it into its own platform its own Mac, then max Jr. MacBook, where SoC Ax will replace the CPU Intel Core m, because the latter are not the most nimble. It turns out that not sometime in the future, but now Apple has a platform that in real tasks faster… much faster top mobile U-processor Intel! Yeah, maybe not in all tasks. Perhaps, if a SoC is now put under macOS, the situation will change, but it’s all “if” and “maybe.” In fact, we have the incredible Bionic A12X performance in real tasks. And I’m glad that I was wrong.

Now I will look forward to the transition of poppies on the native platform of Apple, it’s got to be cool. In addition, it will be another breakthrough and a boost for the industry as a whole.

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