You will be surprised how many people are working on Apple Maps

Apple has hired 3,500 people for its research centre in the Indian Hyderabad, focused on the development of Apple Maps. On Wednesday, August 22, reported the newspaper LiveMint, quoting sources in the government. In the future the state will increase to 5,000 employees.

The Apple research center in Hyderabad was opened in the middle of 2017. Then the company promised to create 4,000 new jobs, and employees who took the vacant post, will the development of Apple Maps, which, objectively speaking, required rethinking.

How has Apple Maps in iOS 12

Since then, almost a year has passed and we can already observe the results of this work. Updated Apple Maps debuted with the release of the third beta version of iOS 12, showing how much more accurate and easy to understand can be card company from Cupertino.

The changes that occurred with Apple Maps, best seen on the example of the Bay Area, also known as the Bay Area. In the presented screenshot shows that the increased accuracy of maps appeared previously absent elements of the landscape, as well as folk path.

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