You want an hour special? H TicWatch Pro new screen

If you are looking for a product distinctive and funky completely to buy it soon, فـMobvoi have the answer, it’s an hour Mobvoi TicWatch Pro comes a new screen now available on Amazon at a price of $ 250.

Provide hours TicWatch Pro screen two different so that the first screen is FTSN LCD simple provide a dim light and simple, such as heart rate and the number of steps and certainly the timing, but this screen is the only one which offer their smart Watch New where the screen above another Screen Type OLED the best among the types of screens and top of the line to be able to show the shape better for the system Watch OS from Google.

The two phases are different each works on its own screen and they are Smart Mode and Essensial Mode. As for لSmart Mode is the phase in which the watch can smart, where you can take advantage of all the advantages which it is possible to expect from a new smart watch running Google both send messages or control the music and follow the notices and the use of maps and other.

When moving to the Essential Mode in which you close the screen الOLED to the screen الFTSN you can only enjoy the benefits of sport as the number of steps, heart rate, in addition to the date and time, all the health data you get former while using Essentials Mode you will see once you switch and go to Smart Mode, so no worry of losing anything when you move between them.

Either on the side of battery life a hernia the former the possibility of working until the two are connected through the Smart Mode limited to a 30-day full when you use the Essential Mode. This means only one thing and that is that you can get the battery life excellent by navigating between them as you need according to how your day.

And the sixth number of features that makes it worthy of the title Pro where does it say in any form for the famous Watch of the Where the nurses hernia the former NFC and GPS it is also against water, soil and in accordance with the standard IP67. As for the specifications, the special treatment did not disclose the company area about them so far but it is expected to be less than 1 GB of RAM and processor Snapdragon older 2100.

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