You phone Motorola RAZR the new will include a folding screen is?

According to the latest registration with the World Intellectual Property Organization, the phone Motorola RAZR added already equipped with a foldable screen.

According to the assessment, which was submitted on December 17, 2018, which was spotted for the first time by 91Mobile, the device will be equipped with a folding from the inside, to the side of the second screen is smaller than the outside.

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Last week, the newspaper reported The Wall Street Journal that Motorola intends to revive the RAZR as a phone smart screen folding at a price of $ 1500 within the next month.

Setting the design of the phone with the old design of the famous from where the edge of the fish at the bottom of the device, and the change in he will be replacing the screen and buttons of the old one screen long folding.

It’s worth noting he’s been asking questions about whether Motorola will revive the phone RAZR after the Nokia revival Nokia 3310 in the year 2017 Phone Nokia 8810 in 2018. Commenting on this, he said, “Paul Pierce”, shared source in the design of the phone RAZR V3, CNET in the past month, it is believed that there is a possibility to re-launch the old phone again.


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