“You need to” repeat winners in the match the pioneers of digital content-photos


Concluded Association of companies of information and communication technology “production” stage the final initiative of the pioneers of the digital content which was launched in February of this year under the patronage of HRH Princess sumaya bint el Hassan.

The “output” during the concert, that his stay in the platform, the orange are BIG, about the names of the students winners of the initiative, in the presence of the delegate of HRH Prince sumaya bint el Hassan, marwan Juma, Chairman of the Board of oasis500, the Deputy Chief Executive, Executive Director Finance and strategy in the orangemen Jordan Arslan dirani, Secretary-General of the Ministry of communications and Information Technology, Nader thneibat, raise the age Town Center, The Queen Rania information technology in the Ministry of education, the Director of the National Information Centre, Dr. bahaa al-khasawneh.

Has been honored 20 students who met the second and third phases of the initiative from the different governorates of the kingdom

And chose the jury of five students from the applicants for the initiative, to win the title pioneers of digital content on the level of the kingdom, where he won the student happy owner of Abdul-Nabi from the School of King Abdullah II for excellence in zarqa Governorate ranked first, followed by a second gift of the emotional areas of school Safety High School of the province of the Balkans, ranked second Dan and Khaled are from the school the core high school in the Governorate of Madaba, ranked fourth Reem Hilal Mahmoud sweet from a school good neighborhood high school overall in the province capital, ranked fifth fulfilling often Salem built on the school sakib comprehensive secondary school for girls in Jerash Governorate, If you have been selected among the 10 students evaluated the presentations in front of the audience and the jury during the closing ceremony of the themes that have won it in the second phase.

Students top ten on the level of the kingdom by the order are: “RI sweet school good secondary overall, the reporting of the scholars of the school core secondary comprehensive, fulfilling, often built on the school sakib second, the gift of the emotional areas of school Safety high school, happy owner of a Nabi from the School of King Abdullah II for development, Noor Hussein love the school my second grade, Jafar Sultan are from the School of pulp the second, age is often alphenattsp from the School of Khalid Bin Al-Waleed, Dan and Khaled are from the School of pulp the secondary endowed abdelkader junkie out of school or too much”.

And through the President of the Board of Directors in association “production”, Dr. Bashar hawamdeh said, about the pride of accomplishment achieved by the Association “production”, so as to qualify the students to write a seasoned professional in the ICT sector.

Said Dr. hawamdeh said, that this initiative is the first to instill the concepts of digital economy and Information Technology among the students of the school, towards the development of a generation athlete capable of innovation based on a sound understanding of Information Technology.

He announced the Assembly’s intention, the launch of the new season of the initiative of the pioneers of the digital content, so that the largest number of students to participate and make the desired, considering that this initiative is the structure of the steel Main to increase the percentage of Arabic content on the internet, especially the contribution of Jordan.

Dr. hawamdeh said, Thank you to the students competing and their parents and their teachers and managers of schools, in addition to the Ministries of Education and Communication and sponsors Platinum: orange Jordan and Delta to events and the company quality business solutions and media, technical website “hashtag bandwagon” and “load”, a TV revelation.

It should be noted that the initiative helped students to see the accelerating developments in the field of communications and Information Technology and its impact on the growth of the digital economy, as well as showcase their talents in the field of writing technical content on everything related to the digital economy, and build a generation capable of keeping up with developments in the ICT sector and qualified to maintain Jordan’s position in the content industry.


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