You need to organize 4 events in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week,

Association of information and communication technology “production” in partnership with the Council of leaders of Emerging Businesses 4 events in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week which is celebrated worldwide during the period of 12 to 18 month.

Decorate the week of Global Entrepreneurship with the provision of the “production” of experts to answer questions on the Pioneer startups in the finance, tax and Customs, legal and for two weeks in an incubator security of the sport, in addition to a workshop in Amman Chamber of Commerce to help the pioneer companies to use modern methods of digital marketing and linking them to the three students did you need to train them on the latest graphic design programs..

And also held a specialized workshop skills and tolerance before, during and after participation in global offerings, provided by experts from the Netherlands at the University of al-Hussein Technical, in addition to the effectiveness of “guided” with the students of the University of Science and technology of Jordan as one of the programs you need to meet the guides for all universities in the kingdom.

Said the chairman of the board of directors in association “production”, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said, that you need to always seek support of the entrepreneurship in the Kingdom and pave the way for emerging companies to enable them to establish their projects better.

He noted Dr. Hawamdeh said, you need not only to support their athletes during the week of the sports world only, but throughout the year through the initiative of a thousand athlete and with all the relevant authorities in the kingdom, establishing the circuit of the sport as a business entrepreneurs and leaders the Council of startups “StartupsJo”, intensive training for a number of athletes in addition to the Blue Ocean Council, which provides guidance and direction to the entrepreneurs by a group of experts from the members of the assembly.

He said you need to ask the platform StartupsJo, which include athletes, investors and all related data in the sports business in the kingdom, adding that the association is also working on a study about the reality of sport and its impact in the national economy, in collaboration with orange Jordan and the German agency for.

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