You know the new updates in the application Google Maps

You know the new updates in Google Maps

Experienced application Google famous maps today a major update to the platform. Apple and Google Play, bringing a large collection of updates, making it a major update by any measure.

Delivered Google highlights five new features as a very important the latest version of the Maps application .

In the following lines we use these updates, the five most important .

You know the new updates in Google Maps

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  • Became the “explore” tab, which has been re-designed, becoming able to give recommendations to users of Google Maps for restaurants, bars and cafes in any area they want.
  • Of the important additions to the lists of new indicators of local experts and algorithms Google, which will allow users of the maps to choose the best when it comes to finding the best meals to their tastes.
  • Show the tab “explore” on Android devices now the most important events and activities that occur in the user area, will tab now pictures and a description of these activities will be provided to users by these categories.
  • For those who are trying to activate the location history, will contain every restaurant to feature “evolution”, an assessment which offers users an idea of how likely it is that they enjoy this place.
  • Tab “For you” new aim to check out the What’s happening in your area, so, whether a new restaurant or cafe hot, you’ll find all the details regarding it in this tab.

The new update will be released to all App users during the next few days .

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