You know the most important features of camera phones and Galaxy S10

Samsung unveiled officially for phones Galaxy S10 and all its strength at the Galaxy Unpacked in San Francisco.

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Come phones Galaxy S10 and S10 + camera background of the three, so that the first lens accuracy, 12 MP camera, in addition to the zoom lens 12-Megapixel the wide lens 16-megapixel with a field of view at an angle of 123 degrees.

However, phone Galaxy S10e only on the rear camera double lens major accuracy 12 maps and another lens carefully 16 maps.

When it comes to the camera front, it comes Galaxy S10 + camera, double accurately 10+8 Macs with autofocus and video recording in 4K, while the other version enjoy front camera mono.

However, it’s not about Numbers only. Bring a camera Galaxy S10 set of imaging features new, and in the following highlighted:

Improve the scenes ‘ photography

Make Unit neural processing of cameras Galaxy S10 more power. Enjoy the advantage of “improved sights” now from the analysis of more complex scenes, it can recognize more types of scenes with up to 30 different species of scenes compared phone Galaxy Note 9 20 scene.

The camera also provides the user suggestions to improve photos, such as Photo Night impressive in low-light conditions or switch to a wide lens when capturing the scene.

The company also introduced a feature suggestions new export, provided useful tips to improve your photos. This feature uses a database containing more than 100 million images to suggest the appropriate proportion and location and aggregate demand meet.

Immediate focus and HD video

Allows you to put immediate focus upgraded phones to the new allocation of your photos the effects of art in real time, even before picking up any image.

The new phones also make the process of recording video clips more smoothly. Help video recording feature Super Steady improvement in the stability of the video is three times better than the techniques of camera current smart phones, you can record videos with amazing accuracy of + HDR10.

Feature is Live Focus improved dramatically, where they blur the background properly, and you can change the level of blur the background even after you take the picture, and include filters effacement options technical zoom in addition to the possibility of making the background black and white.

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Other features

Support phones Galaxy S10 also “put instead”, which puts the feature stories instead directly with all the filters and tools in the camera application on the phone, allowing photo sharing on the insert with a single click.

Feature en Emoji also got a new design with improved functions. Along with the movements of your face, the water can track the movement of your eyes, the movement of the tongue body, including your arms and legs.

Lets you set a Mask new test of the feelings that you want expressed in the establishment of emoji is not in your face, as you can create your own stickers with expressions and backgrounds unique.

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